We Invest

Ambassador Supply invests in individuals, organizations and companies that share our commitment to producing economic, cultural and eternal returns. It is our intent to assist our partners in their personal and professional growth, leader development, and organization sustainability.

Ambassador Supply takes great care in choosing our investment partners. We invest our resources in individuals, businesses and organizations that match our mission, values and passion. Our investments include our time, talent, treasure, temperament and testimony. Our partners share our strong desire to grow personally, professionally, and spiritually. Together, our shared ventures are designed to accomplish economic, cultural and eternal returns.

We Learn

Ambassador Supply is a learning organization that seeks out professionals interested in growth and development. We strive to provide learning opportunities that encourage team members to reach their collective and individual goals and potential. We encourage collaborative learning opportunities, constructive dialogue, and collective inquiry, and we support an environment that's safe for people to share perspectives openly and the take risks necessary to see great returns. To us, learning provides opportunities to explore new ideas and processes which serve as sources of passion, energy, renewal, and success.

We Partner

Ambassador Supply, along with our companies strive for 3 returns:

Financial Return - A financial return is a targeted return of cash on invested capital through surplus of cash (income) and growing equity value (growth) within strong Balance Sheet boundaries (liquidity and security).

Cultural Return - A cultural return is an improvement in one-on-one relationships, effective teamwork, and/or high-trust, high-care, high-performance community.

Eternal Return - becoming closer to God.