We Relate

Strong and healthy relationships are an essential element of our success, both internally, as well as externally between our organization and others. We believe that relational effectiveness drives organizational performance. By working together, we accomplish more and produce greater results. Effective and lasting relationships are produced in environments that may be described as HIGH CARE, HIGH TRUST, and HIGH PERFORMANCE.

We are encouraged, strengthened, affirmed, and challenged in healthy, caring relationships in our working environment. We are better together than we are alone.

We Collaborate

We believe that Collaboration is essential to effective team performance. It's vital when working together to resolve conflict, solving problems or pursuing new opportunities. As collaborators we seek to understand others, remain quick to attribute good intent and willingly invest in others. At Ambassador Supply, we leverage the talents and skills of one another in many corporate initiatives – from strategic planning and due diligence, to serving needs of our outreach partners.

We Perform

The processes of any company are critical to their successful performance in several vital areas: organizational governance, resource management and allocation, internal relationships, products and services, external relationships, strategic planning, production, organization culture and due diligence. The processes that we use ensure the quality and consistency of our decisions and our work. At Ambassador Supply, we strive for continuous growth and improvement, which is accomplished through the modeling and replication of past successes.